Introducing the Drug-Sniffing Lizard! (Freak Files)

April 18, 2017

Introducing the Drug-Sniffing Lizard???

Arizona police have a new drug-sniffing animal. And, it's not a dog.

The Avondale Police Department has officially unveiled the newest member of its team: IROH the drug-sniffing lizard. The bearded dragon was "sworn in" last Thursday by Chief DALE NANNENGA.

The choice to use a lizard was based on new research that shows reptiles have a stronger sense of smell than dogs when it comes to identifying narcotics.


A Woman Got Her Hand Stuck in a Toilet

A woman in Texas recently moved into a new place and didn't have a plunger yet. 

So when her toilet got clogged last week she tried to unclog it by just reaching her HAND in there.  And guess what?  It got STUCK, so she had to call the fire department.

(--No word on how she was able to reach her phone with one arm stuck in a toilet bowl.  Maybe it’s because we do everything with one hand these days because we refuse to let go of our phone?)

Anyway, firefighters had to unhook the toilet from the wall, carry it outside with her, and break chunks off by tapping it with a sledgehammer until she could get her hand out.  (We have video)



Clever Dog Opens Several Doors To Escape A Veterinary Hospital

This is one smart dog!

A 10-year-old Great Pyrenees (named General) managed to escape from a Veterinary hospital in Stafford, Virginia – by opening all the doors!

General made his break at 4AM on Monday morning.  Security video of the escape shows General using his mouth to turn the doorknob and pushing a door open with his nose.

Ultimately, he opened 3-doors before making his way out of the vet and was missing for about 7-hours before he was discovered resting in the yard of a nearby home.

General was eventually reunited with his owner Travis Campbell, who said the behavior was nothing unusual.