Introducing the World's Most Expensive Fidget Spinner

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July 7, 2017

The World's Most Expensive Fidget Spinner Is Now on Sale For $16,700

I think even $3 is too expensive for a fidget spinner, so I'm definitely not the target audience for THIS.

A Russian jewelry company called Caviar just started selling the world's most expensive fidget spinner for $16,700.  Why's it so expensive?  Because it's covered in 100 grams of solid GOLD. 

Now . . . we looked it up, and you can get a 100-gram bar of gold for about $4,000, so I'm not sure how that translates to a $16,700 price tag.  But I guess if you're interested in buying it, those little details aren't going to stop you. Click here to see a picture.


A Guy Steals a $71,000 Corvette . . . Then Tries to Get Away From the Cops on Foot

It’s pretty clear that this guy doesn’t know what to do with one of the fastest production cars in America!

28-year-old Domanique Mobley stole a $71,000 Corvette from a Chevy dealership in Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday.  The cops tracked down the car using OnStar, and they went to the house where Domanique was trying to stash it.

And when the cops got there, he took off . . . on foot.  Yes, he just stole one of America's fastest cars, which can top out at over 200 miles-per-hour . . . and he decided to hoof it instead.  The cops quickly caught up with him and arrested him for motor vehicle theft and resisting arrest.

He’s also being recognized as a Stupid Criminal!!!!   Stupid Criminals!!!


Don’t Snapchat Your Crimes!

Two 18-year-old girls broke into the Waves Water Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina earlier this week – and they might of gotten away with it – if they hadn’t documented the entire break-in on Snapchat!!!

Logan Larrimore and Farren Lane Snapchatted pictures of themselves jumping the fence at the water park, going down several of the slides, and eating $8-dollars worth of Italian ices.

One of the people who saw the pictures called the police, who were able to quickly identify the teens though their DMV records.  They were both arrested on charges of 3rd-degree burglary.

Stupid Criminals!!!  They face up to 10 years in prison.