A Job Where You Don’t Have To Show up

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February 28, 2017

A Job Where You Don’t Have To Show up! 

Nearly a hundred hospital workers have been arrested in Italy.

Authorities say ninety-four employees of Loreto Mare hospital in Naples are under house arrest for allegedly clocking in to work, then disappearing.  

Officials say the workers --including doctors and nurses-- would report to work then vanish to go play tennis, go shopping, and even report to other jobs. The arrests came after a two-year investigation which included surveillance.

Many of the employees are charged with fraud.  At least one worker is accused of swiping the badges of dozens of others who allegedly never showed up to work at all.


A Guy Steals a $150,000 Maserati During a Test Drive

I'm sure car salesmen hear people make jokes about STEALING the car during test drives all the time.  This guy was dumb enough to actually follow through with it.

45-year-old Michael McGilary went into a Maserati dealership last week and took a $150,000 car for a test drive.  He told the salesman he wanted his girlfriend to see it, so they went to meet her at a marina.

When they got there, Michael showed the salesman his father's boat, and while the salesman was inside, Michael got back in the Maserati and took off.

There was just one MASSIVE problem with his plan.  He had to give the dealership his driver's license to take the test drive, and he didn't use a fake ID or something.  So they knew ALL of his information.

They passed the info along to the cops, and they quickly tracked him down and arrested him.  He's still being held in jail for grand larceny on a $10,000 bond. 

Stupid Criminals!!! Click here to see his mugshot.


A Woman Crashed Into a Cop Car Because She Was Playing With a Puppy

I guess I can sympathize with this woman, because if I'm around a puppy, like most people, I'm probably going to be playing with that puppy. 

A 23-year-old woman in Sunset, Utah collided HEAD-ON with a cop's SUV last week, because she was distracted playing with a puppy in her car.

The cop says the woman swerved into oncoming traffic because she was so distracted and, quote, "I was expecting her to weave back over, out of the way, [but] she never did."

Fortunately, no people or puppies were hurt in the crash, but the woman's car was pretty jacked up.  She got citations for unsafe lane travel and negligent collision.