Johnny Depp Is Divorcing The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

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July 15, 2016

The Most Beautiful Celebrities . . . According to Science 

It looks like Johnny Depp messed up when he let one of the most beautiful women in the world get away because he broke up with AMBER HEARD. 

And that's not just my opinion.  It's straight-up SCIENCE.

There's a thing called "The Golden Ratio", and it goes all the way back to ancient Greece.  Basically, it comes down to all the stuff on your face, your nose, mouth, eyes, eyebrows, etc, and the various distances between them.

Anyway, a British cosmetic surgeon came up with a face-mapping program based on “The Golden Ratio” and according to that program, AMBER HEARD is the most beautiful celebrity in the world.  She's followed by Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kendall Jenner.


Robert Downey Jr. Is Doing Jury Duty

Katie Couric got out of Jury Duty earlier this week, but Robert Downey Jr. wasn’t so lucky.

Robert Downey Jr. has been selected as an alternate juror in a car accident case in L.A. According to TMZ, he identified himself as working in the film industry and was picked because he seemed like a "fair guy."

He will earn $15 per day for his work.


Mick Jagger is Having Another Kid 

MICK JAGGER's EIGHTH child is on the way. 

The mother is a 29-year-old ballerina named Melanie Hamrick.  They've been dating for two years.  Mick is 72.  His other kids range in age from 17 to 45.

Fellow ROLLING STONE RON WOOD just became the father of twins in May.