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Justin Bieber's Credit Card Was Declined at Subway

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September 2, 2016

Justin Bieber's Credit Card Was Declined at Subway 

We've all probably had a credit card declined while making an unusually large purchase, but it can be especially frustrating and embarrassing when you're trying to buy something small.

It happens to everyone, even JUSTIN BIEBER.  His card was reportedly declined at a Subway in West Hollywood yesterday, meaning, he was being denied the talents of the local Sandwich Artist.

But fortunately, another person in line stepped up and covered his order.  It's unclear how much it cost but Justin had a foot-long sandwich, some cookies, and four bottles of milk.


Jared Fogle Is Now Suing the Parents of One of His Victims? 

Just when you thought JARED FOGLE couldn’t stoop any lower. 

He's reportedly filed a lawsuit against the parents of one of his victims arguing that he shouldn't be responsible for her pain and suffering, because THEY'D already screwed her up. 

The girl's age and identity have not been released, but she was a minor when Jared violated her.  She filed a claim against Jared earlier this year, saying it messed her up so badly that she was abusing drugs, alcohol, and was suicidal.

But Jared says her parents' divorce is what really messed her up, because she had to watch them drink, argue, and get into physical fights with each other.  They also neglected her.


Gronk Doesn't Care About Grammar 

New England Patriots tight end ROB GRONKOWSKI is waging war against the GRAMMAR police. 

You know those people on social media who point out every single spelling and grammatical mistake you make?  Well, Gronk is FED UP with them. 

He Tweeted, quote, "For all the grammar police that make fun of others when they mess up the spelling on their social media accounts, I bet y'all got no street smarts and would get your a** (butt) whooped every time.  LOL!"

Not to nit-pick, but technically, he should've probably said "For all the grammar police WHO make fun”, as apposed to “For all the grammar police That make fun . . ."