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Katie Couric Is Coming Back To The Today Show!

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December 22, 2016

Katie Couric Is Coming Back To The Today Show!

News anchor KATIE COURIC is coming back to the "Today" show.

The Los Angeles Times reports she'll start the first week of the new year, and fill in for co-host SAVANNAH GUTHRIE, who's been out on maternity leave since Dec 02.

The move will (at least temporarily) re-team her with MATT LAUER, whom she co-hosted with from 1991 to 2006.


It’s A “Game of Thrones” Holiday

Good news for the folks who never saw the original episodes of "Game of Thrones" and want to catch up by binge-watching.

Instead of shelling out $129.95 for seasons 1-6, you'll be able to watch all the episodes on HBO.  Variety says the cable network will air one season per day (all ten episodes) beginning Dec 26 and ending Dec 31. So just block off the entire week and stock up on microwave dinners (or get ready to order out).

There are still two seasons to come, but both will be shorter than ten episodes, according to producers.


Alec Baldwin Is Making Bank By Playing Donald Trump On Saturday Night Live

Over the past several months, Alec Baldwin has made a splash by impersonating Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live.”

And now we are learning just how much money he makes for the 3-minute appearances:  $1,400!

Now, that may seem like small change for Alec, but it’s actually a sweet gig.  He lives in Manhattan, so he has a car pick him up at his apartment and drive over to the studios, then he gets into costume and performs for around 3-minutes, then hops back in the car and goes home. 

In all, it takes about an hour.  So far, he’s made about $17,000 for his 3-minute performances as Trump.