Is Katy Perry Going To Judge "American Idol?"

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May 15, 2017

The New "American Idol" Is Close to Landing Katy Perry 

ABC is "close" to landing KATY PERRY to be the main judge on "American Idol"

TMZ says they'll make it official TOMORROW, when they announce their schedule for next season at their 'upfront' presentation.

She'll probably be the only judge they announce, because the producers haven't even decided who they want for the other two spots. 

The show is on a tight budget this time around, so after making a big splash with Katy, the other two spots will probably go to cheaper options . . . like a songwriter and a music producer.

And remember, RYAN SEACREST is still in the running to be the host, and he'll probably command a chunk of change, too.


Drake Attended Prom At Fairley High School In Memphis!

Jalaah Moore asked her cousin, rapper Drake,  to escort her and her date to the prom at Fairley High School over the weekend, and he flew to Memphis just for her.

Drake escorted his cousin and her date to the prom in a Rolls Royce!  And, although he did not perform, he DID hang out at the prom before throwing a huge after-prom party for 400 of his cousin’s friends.

Jalaah says it was the best day ever, and her 400 friends would probably agree. 


Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Rendezvous In Paris With Tom Cruise Nearby

The notoriously private couple, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx spent some time in Paris recently.

Katie reportedly arrived in Paris to meet up with Jamie, who was in town shooting the new “Robin Hood” movie.

They were having a great time until they discovered that Katie’s ex-husband, Tom Cruise, was shooting the 6th- installment of “Mission: Impossible” just a few blocks from their hotel.  Katie wasn’t up for running into Tom, so she left Paris 2 days early.

 Katie and Jamie have never officially confirmed that they are a couple, but they have been spotted together on dates and vacations since 2013.