Katy Perry is Proud That She's Making Bank on American Idol

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May 24, 2017

Katy Perry Is "Proud" That, As a Woman, She Can Make $25 Million on "American Idol" 

ABC reportedly forked over $25 million to land KATY PERRY for the new "American Idol", and when she was asked about it yesterday, she said she was PROUD of it.

She said, quote, "I'm really proud that, as a woman, I got PAID.  And you know why?  I got paid like more than like pretty much any guy that's been on that show.  And, by the way, I love men.  So, I'm a paid woman and I'm ready for a beautiful man."

Simon Cowell was the only "Idol" judge to make more, he reportedly got between $36 million and $45 million at the end of his run.  Ryan Seacrest was pulling down $15 million. 


Is This A Good Idea Or A Bad Idea?

A restaurant in Washington, DC, called Diet Starts Monday got in trouble yesterday after it added a new cocktail to its menu, the "Pill Cosby."

The drink was a hibiscus-flavored cocktail and garnished with empty pill capsules.  

Owners of the restaurant apparently intended for the drink to raise awareness for sexual assault but instead caused a prompt backlash on Twitter, forcing the restaurant to pull the drink from its menu and Tweet an apology.


"James Bond" Roger Moore Has Died 

We found out yesterday that Roger Moore who played Agent 007 in several James Bond movies passed away at the age of 89. 

Roger played in 7 Bond movies, more than any other actor so far.  So if you’re familiar with how Roger Moore played Bond back in the day, then you know that ROGER MOORE's James Bond was more of a LOVER than a fighter. 

As a result, several of ROGER MOORE's former Bond girls are paying tribute to him online, including Jane Seymour who said he taught her the true meaning of being a humanitarian . . . and Britt Ekland, who called him the "epitome of Bond, witty, sophisticated, elegant, and funny."