Kelly Clarkson Is DONE Having Kids

October 7, 2016

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Kelly Clarkson Got Her Tubes Tied and Made Her Husband Get a Vasectomy 

After her second pregnancy, KELLY CLARKSON was DONE having kids. 

How done?  So done, she made sure both she AND her husband Brandon Blackstock were fixed.  She had her tubes tied and she made him get a vasectomy. 

Kelly and Brandon have a 2-year-old daughter named River, and a 6-month-old son named Remi.  Both of her pregnancies were really hard on her. 

She said, quote, "I was like hospitalized both [times].  It's horrible.  Nothing is beautiful, nothing is magical.  I will remind my children every day of their lives what I [went through]." 


Production on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" is On Hold 

E! has suspended production on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" while KIM KARDASHIAN recovers from last week's armed robbery. 

There's no word when it'll resume.  Kim's sisters have also canceled public appearances due to security concerns.


Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Are Back Together!

Are Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband, Marc Anthony back together??

Well, the couple has decided to reunite…. musically.  Marc Anthony will be the executive producer of J.Lo’s upcoming Spanish album.

J.Lo released a statement, saying, “I am so excited and really looking forward to this new musical journey and to celebrate my Latin roots with Marc Anthony.” 


Christian Slater Wants to Co-Host "Live!"  

CHRISTIAN SLATER says he wants to be KELLY RIPA's permanent co-host on "Live!"

Quote, "I'm putting my hat in the ring, why not?  I love it, I live about, you know, six blocks away from there.  It's one of the greatest jobs ever."  But JERRY O'CONNELL wants the job too and he could be stiff competition. 

He's co-hosted the show more than a dozen times, and was even being considered back before MICHAEL STRAHAN got the job.