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Kevin Durant Is Angry At Peyton Manning Because He Told A JOKE

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July 13, 2017

Kevin Durant Got Roasted by Peyton Manning at the ESPYs

PEYTON MANNING made fun of KEVIN DURANT at the ESPY Awards in L.A. last night for signing with Golden State last season, you know, just to win a championship. 

Durant did NOT seem amused.  They showed his reaction on the jumbotron so everyone at home AND in the audience could see it.  And he never even cracked a smile.  He just looked angry.

Peyton's joke was actually spot on.  He said the U.S. women's gymnastics team was so dominant at the Olympics that Kevin wants to play for THEM next year.

Everyone in the audience cracked up, including Kevin's mom Wanda who was sitting right next to him.  But he just stared Peyton down.


An Extended Seven-Minute Trailer for "Dunkirk" Is Causing Problems

Christopher Nolan's new World War Two movie "Dunkirk" hits theaters next Friday. 

It's being hyped with a trailer that's actually just an entire seven-minute scene from the movie.  And since it isn't like a typical trailer, it's causing problems.

Apparently, people have been going out to see things like "Wonder Woman".  And when the trailer for "Dunkirk" starts playing, and then KEEPS playing for a whole scene, they get confused and think they're in the wrong movie theater.

Some people have even left their seats and asked ushers to point them to the CORRECT movie theater.  Unfortunately, the seven-minute trailer isn't available online.  So, if you want to see it, you'll have to go see something else and NOT leave your seat.


Update: Britney Spears Is Not Doing The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Yesterday morning, so-called “sources” told the New York Daily News that Britney Spears was having “secret discussions” to headline the Super Bowl 52 halftime show in Minneapolis next February, and the news quickly went viral.

But by Wednesday afternoon, the story had been debunked.  Pepsi’s Senior Director of Sports Marketing, Justin Toman, is the man in charge of booking the half-time entertainment at the Super Bowl.  He was at a conference yesterday when he was asked which artist would be playing at next year’s show.

And while he didn’t volunteer an answer, he did rule out one entertainer in particular, saying, quote, “I can tell you it’s not Britney. That rumor happens at this time every year and it’s false.”