A Kid Who Was Being Bullied Showed Up to School with 200 Bikers

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June 22, 2017

A Kid Who Was Being Bullied Showed Up to School with 200 Bikers

10-year-old Xander Rose lives up in Nova Scotia, and he's been dealing with bullies for years.  He says pretty much everyone at school picks on him except his brother, and one buddy he has.  But he's really into BIKING culture, the Harley kind, not the Lance Armstrong kind.  So his mom recently reached out to a group of bikers called Defenders of the Children.

Yesterday, dozens of big burly dudes on bikes showed up to ESCORT him to school as a show of force, so other kids know they've got his back.  At least one report put the final count at about TWO HUNDRED bikers.  So Xander showed up at school on the back of a Harley, in full biker gear.  And a bunch of them walked him to the front door before he went in.

His school year's almost over, but hopefully he'll have an easier time next year now. 

Click here to see photos of Xander with some of his new friends and a video of him being escorted to school


A Guy Isn't Allowed to Wear Shorts to Work So He Protests By Wearing a Dress

You know, I was JUST thinking it's about time that men finally got a win.

A 20-year-old guy named Joey Barge from Buckinghamshire, England wore shorts to his job at a call center on Monday during a heatwave.

But his boss sent him home and told him to change, because shorts weren't allowed under the company dress code.  So he changed into a DRESS.  Since, you know, those ARE allowed.

Apparently, his bosses completely understood his protest, because they immediately sent out an email announcing that men COULD wear shorts to work.  Click here to see a picture of Joey in his dress.

How Italy Treats A Mob Boss In Prison

Cops in Italy caused controversy after allowing an alleged mob boss to greet his "fans" after being arrested.

Cops busted GIUSEPPE GIORGI Friday morning after raiding an underground bunker at his home. But, video shows them removing his handcuffs a short time later outside his home.

Giorgi is then seen greeting well-wishers who reach out to kiss his hand. Giorgi was later re-cuffed and escorted to jail. Police haven't commented on the incident.

The mobster is considered one of the most dangerous crime lords in all of Italy.  He's expected to serve nearly 30-years in prison.