Lady Wins Millions on a Penny Slot Machine

Vegas, Baby!!

August 25, 2016

Vegas, Baby!!!

You hear stories like this all the time, but I never get sick of them. 

A lady won millions playing a penny slot machine in Vegas on Sunday.  The Wynn Casino says the unidentified woman from Oahu, Hawaii bet just $3-dollars on a penny slot machine.  Moments later, she hit a jackpot worth nearly $11-million.

A spokesperson for the Wynn says it doesn’t always happen, but it happens!!!  If you’re planning a trip to the Wynn in Vegas, you’re looking for the IGT Megabucks Wynn Wheel slot machine.

No word on how this woman from Hawaii plans to spend the money.


Driver's Ed:

A family of seven people was spotted riding a single motorcycle in China.

Witnesses caught video of the bizarre incident as the family, including three small children, zipped by on the motorcycle.  None of the seven passengers were wearing helmets.  Police reportedly stopped them a short time later and issued a citation.


A 74-Year-Old Agreed to Go Skydiving with His Grandson, and It Saved His Life

74-year-old Ed Flemming of Austin, Texas, recently told his grandson he'd go SKYDIVING with him for his 18th birthday.  So he's a pretty cool grandpa.

But the skydiving company had a policy where anyone over 65 had to get cleared by a doctor first.  So he went in and got a stress test, and it turned out all FIVE of his arteries were blocked.

They ended up doing QUINTUPLE bypass surgery on him three days later.  His doctor says he would have had a massive heart attack at some point soon.  And there was a good chance it would have happened when he jumped out of the plane.

So it’s easy to say that the plan to go skydiving saved his life!!!  Ed is doing great now.  And they said he should get the all-clear to go skydiving soon, which he IS still planning to do.  Click here to see a video of Ed.