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Lamar Odom Refuses An Intervention

July 25, 2016

Lamar Odom’s Family Fails At Intervention

Lamar Odom has fallen back into his drugging and drinking ways – and he doesn’t want to hear ANYONE lecture him about it.

Apparently, Lamar’s family tried to stage an intervention on Friday night.  Everyone was there including his ex-wife, Liza Morales, his kids, his aunt and several cousins.

But Lamar wasn’t in the mood to hear their pleas.  He immediately turned around and left.

October will mark one year since Lamar had a near-fatal overdose in Las Vegas.


Trailers from Comic-Con You Want to See 

The first trailer for the live-action "Wonder Woman" movie starring GAL GADOT premiered at Comic-Con on Saturday. 

It doesn't reveal much of the plot, but it shows plenty of her being a Wonder Woman while fighting a whole army.  It'll hit theaters on June 2nd of next year. 

"Wonder Woman" will set the table for an even BIGGER movie, "Justice League", which unites Batman, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, the Flash, Cyborg, and probably Superman.


Lindsay Lohan Hints That She's Pregnant . . . And Fighting with Her Fiancé 

LINDSAY LOHAN might be pregnant, and on the outs with the father. 

On Saturday, she got the rumor mill going with an Instagram post where she accused her fiancé Egor Tarabasov of staying out all night partying.  She said, quote, "I guess I was the same at 23, it changes at 26/27.  Thanks for not coming home tonight.  Fame changes people." 

Then she capped off the evening by Tweeting a link to pictures of herself in the movie "Labor Pains", along with the caption, "Lindsay Lohan labour pains trailer.  I am pregnant!!

"Labor Pains" was a 2009 romantic comedy, where Lindsay plays a woman who FAKES a pregnancy to keep her job.  Lindsay took some of her posts down, but NOT the one about supposedly being pregnant.