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Larry King Just Beat Lung Cancer 

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September 14, 2017

Larry King Says He Beat Lung Cancer 

LARRY KING was diagnosed with lung cancer recently, but apparently, he's already beaten it.

He says he went in for a routine checkup, and his doctor found a small bit of cancer in the early stages.  So Larry had surgery in July to have it removed.  It was a success, they removed 20% of his lung, but the cancer is gone. 

The doctor said it was malignant, so he was lucky because he could've had some problems if it went undetected for another two or three years.

Now Larry wants to remind people that it's important to get these check-ups and have these tests done.  He's 83 years old.


The "Hand in Hand" Telethon Raised $44 Million Overnight 

Tuesday night's "Hand in Hand" telethon raised $14 million over the hour that it aired, but by yesterday morning, the total was a LOT higher, $44 million.    And it's probably higher now, since they're still accepting donations.  (Text GIVE to 80077)

15.7 million people watched the show on the Big Four networks:  ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.  But it was on more than a dozen other cable channels, and streamed online.


Madonna Is A Slot …. Machine.

Just when you thought Madonna had milked us for all the money she possibly could – comes news that she has her own slot machines coming our way!

Madonna slot machines will make their debut at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas next month.   Each machine will feature game play, inspired by Madonna’s biggest hits from various stages of her career.

The CEO of the gaming company producing the machines says, “We have been diligently working for months to create a slot game that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the Madonna brand.” 

He didn’t explain exactly what that is, but you’ll be able to experience the “essence” of Madonna through her slot machines beginning early next year.