Live Cockroach Pulled From Woman's Nose (Freak Files)

February 6, 2017

Live Cockroach Pulled From Woman's Nose

This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Last Tuesday, a 42-year old woman in India was suffering from intense pain and a "tingling, crawling sensation" in her nose.

At first, she thought she had a cold, and went to the hospital THREE times before doctor performed a nasal endoscopy to look inside her nasal cavity --  where he found a large, living cockroach!!

Doctors believe the roach crawled up her nose while she was sleeping. 

Doctors managed to remove the bug and said that if she had ignored the pain, the roach would have died and caused an infection by her brain.


A Woman's Car Gets Hit By One of Those Giant Red Balls in Front of Target

You know how Target has those giant red concrete balls in front of their stores? 

In theory, they're supposed to stop cars from ramming into the front of the store, which is basically the OPPOSITE of what happened in Paramus, New Jersey in November.

A guy in a pickup truck was leaving a Target parking lot when he sideswiped one of the balls.  And even though it weighs TWO TONS, it got dislodged from its base, and it started ROLLING into the parking lot.

Eileen Grady happened to be driving through at that moment, and the ball SMASHED into the side of her car.  It made a huge dent that will cost about $3,500 to repair.

Target says they won't pay for it.  They told Eileen she should go after the guy who hit the ball and jarred it loose, so now, she's planning to sue Target in small claims court. 


A Burglar Is Caught When He Gets Stuck in a Second-Floor Window

There's such a fine line between being Spider-Man and becoming an international joke.

47-year-old Sean Crawshaw from Radcliffe in England tried to break into a woman's apartment back in December by scaling her drainpipe and crawling into an open window on the second floor.

He actually pulled off the drainpipe move, but when he tried to climb through the window, he got stuck.  When the cops got there, they could see his butt and legs dangling out, and they took plenty of pictures to document it.

Sean wound up pleading guilty to burglary and was just sentenced to 29 months in jail. 

Click here to see a few pictures.