Live Like Elvis!

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August 11, 2017

Live Like “The King"

ELVIS PRESLEY's former Beverly Hills home is available to rent. says you can stay in the four bedroom, six bathroom house that's on a cliff with floor-to-ceiling windows, glass walls in every room, a pool and a spa.

Elvis and his wife PRISCILLA lived there after they got married in 1967 through 1973. It will cost you $4,000-dollars a night to rent, but there's a minimum of five nights. (--FYI: This is not the house where Elvis met THE BEATLES. That was at his nearby Bel Air, California, home in 1965.)


Now Oprah Wants You To Buy Her Food!

Oprah Winfrey is adding another venture to her long resume:  Food producer.  Back in January, Oprah announced that she was planning a line of ready-to-eat meals, and yesterday she revealed the food-line will be called “O, That’s Good” – or “O” for short.

Oprah collaborated with Kraft on the line of refrigerated soups and side dishes, including mashed potatoes and cauliflower – and -- creamy parmesan pasta with white bean puree, among many others.  None of the “O” foods contain artificial flavors or coloring and they are all priced under $5.

 “O” will hit grocery stores this week.


Kyle Jenner Keeps Raking It In

KYLIE JENNER's cosmetics line is on track to become a $1 billion dollar business. The 20-year-old’s make-up line called “Kylie Cosmetics” officially launched in February 2016 and did $420 million dollars in sales over the last 18 months. The New York Post says business is expected to keep booming.

Kylie Cosmetics' sales are expected to hit $386 million this year, a 25% jump from last year. If sales continue at this rate, Kylie Cosmetics will see $1 billion in sales by 2022.