Look out for the Alligator

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July 6, 2017

Bad Time For A Blowout

Yesterday, police in San Antonio, Texas, had their hands full when a car blew out a tire and overturned, dumping its cargo of 30 venomous snakes, an alligator and a turtle.

The driver and a passenger were taken to a hospital for treatment. The turtle was found unharmed, and most of the snakes were captured.

They are still trying to find the alligator!


A Guy Loses His 11-Year Winning Streak as the Xbox Player Because of his Honeymoon

See, THIS is why hardcore video game players should NEVER get girlfriends.

A guy named Ray Cox has had the highest "gamerscore" on Xbox ever since they started keeping track 11 YEARS ago.  Your score goes up the more you play games and hit achievements in them, so clearly this guy is or was obsessed with the game. 

But he just dropped into second place after he took a week off of Xbox, to get married and go on his honeymoon. 


A Tree Falls on a Guy at the Gender Reveal Party For His Baby

Maybe this is a sign that gender reveal parties have got to stop! 

If you're not familiar with gender reveal parties, it’s where a pregnant couple throws a party to find out if they're having a boy or girl.  Sometimes they use a gimmick, like cutting into a cake that was made with blue or pink coloring inside.

Well, Joscelyn Muellerleile of Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania is five months pregnant, and she and her husband Zack held their gender reveal party in their yard this weekend.

They found out they were having a boy, and then as they celebrated with their family, they heard a CRACK . . . and a TREE fell right onto Zack.

Fortunately for him, it mostly landed on a Jeep that was parked in the driveway, or he actually might've been killed.  He wound up with a broken leg, and his family had to use a chainsaw to get the tree off of him.