Luckiest Fisherman in the World Finds A Pearl Worth $100 Million

August 24, 2016

A Fisherman Who Found a Pearl Worth $100 Million Has Kept It Under His Bed For a Decade

A fisherman from Puerto Princesa in the Philippines was working 10 years ago when he spotted a huge pearl inside of a giant clam. 

He took it home to his little wooden shack and put it under his bed for good luck.  He's kept it there for the past 10 years.  But there was a FIRE at his place earlier this year, and when he had to move, he decided maybe he should see if it was worth anything.  Well, um, yeah, it was.

The pearl is 77 pounds, 26 inches long, and 12 inches wide.  Those measurements make it the biggest pearl in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD by a massive margin.  And it's worth approximately $100 MILLION. 

The new pearl is being authenticated and I think it’s safe to say that he won’t be living in a shack from now on!!  Click here to see a photo.


A Guy Tries to Impress a Date by Jumping Across Rooftops And Fails

Ah, what a man won’t do to impress his lady!!!

A college was out on a date with a girl on Monday night in Oakland, Pennsylvania, and he took her up onto the roof of a Bruegger's Bagels.  Because, what's more romantic than that?  Then he tried to impress her by jumping from that roof over to the roof of the Qdoba Mexican Grill next door. 

Unfortunately, he didn't make it and he fell between the buildings.  He was lucky though, because three stories down, the gap between the buildings narrowed to about 18 inches and he got stuck.

His date called 911, and a massive crew of rescue workers spent the next FOUR HOURS getting him out.  They had to cut holes in the wall of the Qdoba AND rappel down to get him loose.

He was taken to the hospital with an ankle injury, but was in good shape otherwise. There's no word yet on whether there's going to be a second date.  Click here to see some pictures.


A Guy Angrily Cuts Down His Neighbor's Tree For Dripping Sap & It Falls Into His House

51-year-old guy named Raymond Mazzarella from Pittston Township, Pennsylvania has had an issue with his neighbor's tree because the branches hang over his parking spot and drip sap onto his car.

So he decided to cut the whole tree down last Saturday with his chainsaw.  Guess what happened when the tree tipped over?  Yes, it CRASHED right into his place.

Unfortunately, it's a house that's divided into a bunch of apartments, so Raymond left five people without any place to live.  Raymond’s in in jail right now for assault and harassment.  Click here to see his mugshot.