The Luckiest Man In The World

August 11, 2016

Guy Survives Plane Crash, Then Wins $1-Million In The Lottery Days Later

Talk about a lucky guy!!

62-year old Mohammad Abdul Khadar (of Dubai) was on board Emirates Flight 521 when it burst into flames after landing at the Dubai International Airport on August 3rd.  He was one of the 300 passengers that managed to escape unharmed.

Well, he considered himself lucky after that and he bought a ticket for the “Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire Lottery.”

A few days later, the lottery drawing was held – and HE WON $1-million dollars!!!  He plans to retire in December, return to his native India, and give to charity.


Man’s Best Friend

A faithful dog in Brazil has been waiting outside a hospital for his owner for over eight months.

The pooch --named NEGAO-- belonged to a homeless man who was admitted to the hospital in Santa Catarina late last year.

Medics say Negao followed the ambulance to the hospital, then began patiently waiting outside after his owner was admitted.  But, the man died of sepsis shortly afterward.

Hospital staff have been feeding and caring for the pooch and they say he's welcome to stay as long as he wants.


Stupid Criminals And Bulletproof Glass Don't Mix

Bulletproof glass is really like having a superpower, and it produces Stupid Criminals!!!

A guy walked into an Exxon gas station in Indianapolis a few months ago, with a mask on and a gun.  Then he pointed it at the clerk and told him he wanted the money out of the cash register.

But the clerk was behind bulletproof glass.  So he just told the guy NO.  The guy realized he was basically out of luck, so he FLIPPED OFF the clerk and ran out of the store.

The cops haven't been able to find him, so they just released information about the story and a few shots from the surveillance camera to see if anyone can help them track this idiot down.   Stupid Criminals!!