Luke Bryan Will Be a Judge on "American Idol"

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September 25, 2017

Luke Bryan Will Be a Judge on "American Idol"

It's been FOUR MONTHS since ABC announced that they're bringing "American Idol" back, and that KATY PERRY will be the lead judge.  And now, they've finally secured a 2nd judge!

"Variety" says country star LUKE BRYAN has finally agreed to a contract to be a judge.  There's no official announcement yet, but supposedly it's only a matter of time.  Idol has been trying to get Luke Bryan for a while, but he held-out for more money because the show was low-balling him.

There's no word on how much he's making, but it'll be a fraction of the $25 million that Katy is raking in.  There's still no word on a third judge.


Gisele Bundchen’s Jealousy and Suspicion!!!

Is GISELE BUNDCHEN hiding an ugly little jealous streak beneath her size-zero body?

Reports from "TMZ Live" tells us that Gisele is very "possessive" of husband TOM BRADY, and the speculation is that That Tom may have had a dalliance an affair or at least some flirtatious moments with First Daughter IVANKA TRUMP and that's why the Patriots' star didn't attend the White House visit with his teammates.


The “Price Is Right’s” Big Wheel Gave Away An Insane Amount Of Money

On Friday, three "Price Is Right" contestants had a virtually IMPOSSIBLE streak of luck on the 'Big Wheel'!   That's the wheel the contestants spin to see who makes it to the Showcase Showdown, and usually, if you get to exactly $1.00 during your turn without going over, you get a $1,000 bonus.

Well, on Friday Drew Carey announced that to celebrate his 10th anniversary as host, they were upping the bonus to $10,000.  And then, ALL THREE contestants hit it!!  If you don't watch the show, that's EXTREMELY rare.

At that point, the show had coughed up $30,000, but it didn't end there.  Drew gave them all a bonus spin, and told the contestants if they landed on “$1.00” slot, you'd get another $25,000.  And TWO of the three contestants landed on the dollar, winning that jackpot! 

So, the show paid-out $80,000 on the wheel, which is a record (of course.)  Naturally, some people are questioning the legitimacy of it, with some saying the whole thing was rigged.