Major Screw-Up At The Oscars!

Plus more with our "Dirt Alert"

February 27, 2017

Major Screw-up During the Oscars!

The "Oscars" were an agonizing three hours and 45 minutes long, but at about the three hour and 42 minute mark, a big ball of confusion blew up in front of the cameras! 

It was when WARREN BEATTY and FAYE DUNAWAY announced the winner for Best Picture, the WRONG winner.  They said it was "La La Land", and everybody came up and started giving their speeches.

But then the accountants who tally the votes came out to let everybody know that "Moonlight" had actually won.  It turns out Warren and Faye were handed the wrong envelope.

They were given the one for the PREVIOUS award, Best Actress.  And it said EMMA STONE, for "La La Land".  You could tell they were confused, but Faye read "La La Land" because it was on the card.  (Here's video.)

JIMMY KIMMEL made a STEVE HARVEY joke, and then Warren got back on the microphone to explain what happened.  Then Jimmy ended the show with this, quote, "I knew I would screw this show up, I really did.  Thank you for watching . . . I promise I'll never come back. Good night!"


Bill Paxton Has Died 

BILL PAXTON passed away on Saturday.  He was only 61. 

In a statement, his family said he died of complications from surgery.  TMZ says it was heart surgery, and he had a fatal stroke after it was over.

Everybody recognizes Bill from his roles in a lot of huge, mainstream movies.  He played the bully Chet in "Weird Science" . . . Private Hudson in "Aliens" . . . Morgan Earp in "Tombstone" . . . the astronaut Fred Haise in "Apollo 13" . . . and the present-day treasure hunter Brock Lovett in "Titanic"

JENNIFER ANISTON paid tribute to him when she introduced the Memoriam segment at last night’s Oscars.   


Judge Wapner Passed Away 

JUDGE JOSEPH WAPNER passed away in his sleep yesterday.  He was 97. 

He presided over "The People's Court" 30 years ago.  He was hospitalized last week with breathing problems, and his condition went downhill from there.  "The People's Court" was HIS show from 1981 to 1993

Wapner was the original court show superstar, who inspired what seems like HUNDREDS of others.  And frankly, JUDGE JUDY owes her entire $290 million fortune to him.  She hasn't commented.