Man Divorces His Wife Because 'Her Feet Are Too Smelly'

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December 1, 2016

Man Insists On Divorcing His Wife Because 'Her Feet Are Too Smelly'

Some people get married before they fully know their partner.

A Chinese man is divorcing his wife because he claims her feet "are too smelly."

The man said he repeatedly asked his wife to wash her feet more often, but she wouldn’t do it.  In fact, she told him that she would rather see him ‘choked to death on the smell’ than wash her feet more often.

He is divorcing her because he just can’t take the stench anymore. They had been married for 7 years.


What Happens When You Watch Too Many TV Crime Shows

It seems like this guy has probably been watching a little too much "Law and Order: SVU" and it's made him see HORRIFIC CRIMES everywhere.

A guy from Sunshine Coast, Australia was walking on the beach last week when a mysterious clear blob washed up.

It looked like a breast implant, so the guy naturally assumed it must've been from a FEMALE MURDER VICTIM who'd been dumped in the sea.  And he was so sure that he picked it up and drove it over to the police station.

But when they examined it, they figured out he was wrong . . . and it was actually just a DEAD JELLYFISH. 

Click here to see picture of an officer holding the jellyfish.


Man Casually Steals A $1.6-million Bucket Of Gold – and nobody noticed!

Real gold is pretty heavy, and that makes stealing it difficult – but one guy got away with it.

An unknown man walked up to an armored truck in midtown Manhattan.  He noticed that the truck was unattended and unlocked, so he casually picked up a $1.6 million bucket of gold flakes and walked away.

Thing is, the bucket of gold weighed 86 pounds – so he struggled to get the heavy bucket to his car.  He had to take several breaks and ultimately it took him an hour to complete what should have been a 10 minute walk.

But nobody noticed because he was so nonchalant about the whole thing.  After the gold was reported missing, police discovered the surveillance tape, but the crook is still on the run and police don’t really have any leads.