Man Hammers 38 Nails Into A Board Using His Skull

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February 14, 2017

He’s Called ‘Hammer-Head” For A Reason

A Massachusetts man set a new world record, thanks to his hard head.

JOHN "Hammer Head" FERRARO managed to hammer 38 nails into a board using his skull.  And, he did it in less than two minutes.  

Ferraro attributes his ability to having a thicker-than-average skull. He says he first realized he was thickheaded when he went head-first through a wooden door as a child.

   Ferraro also holds the world record for "Most concrete blocks broken on the head with a bowling ball in three minutes." He broke 45 concrete blocks on his head, to be exact.


Mickey Mouse Gets Busted

Just in case you didn’t know, when you go to Time Square in New York City and pose with Mickey Mouse, that’s not the REAL Mickey.

Most of costumed characters are just people trying to scam a few bucks out of you.  But one guy dressed as Mickey Mouse told a tourist that the picture cost $5 – and then swiped a $310 payment on the tourist’s credit card.

The tourist reported him to the police, and since he was dressed as Mickey Mouse, they didn’t have a hard time catching him.  Stupid Criminals!!!  He is now in jail


Cops Donated More Than $1,000 After a Girl Scout Got Robbed

A 12-year-old Girl Scout was selling cookies with her mom outside a grocery store near San Francisco last Wednesday, and someone robbed them at GUNPOINT.

The guy who did it was about 18 years old.  He took off with all the money they'd made, and police are still looking for him.  But get a load of this . . .

A bunch of cops chipped in to reimburse them.  And more cops at the station threw down cash, so they got all their money back.  Then the local police officer's association got in on it, and bought ALL of the cookies the girl hadn't sold yet.  So she ended up with over $1,000.

According to a police spokesman, the cops made short work of the cookies.  They were all gone in about a day.