Man Has 30 Days To Catch Rooster Or Else

October 4, 2016

Plus more of our Freak Files....


Man Has 30 Days To Catch Rooster Or Else

People in a neighborhood in Pittsburgh have been plagued by a noisy rooster for years, and now one man has been told to end the madness.

At a court hearing on Friday, Henry Gaston was ordered to find a way to trap the rooster that lives on his property and crows at all hours.

Henry claims that he’s been trying to catch the rooster for years but it always evades his traps.  Plus he claims the bird isn't his, and that it should be “Animal Control’s” job to catch the bird.

But – the judge wasn’t hearing it.  He told Henry if he doesn't catch the bird in the next 30 days, he'll face penalties, including a fine.

No word on if Henry’s caught the rooster yet.


A Teenager Called in a Fake Clown Attack Because She Was Late for Work

We've seen a million clown-sighting stories lately, and now it’s come to this: 

18-year-old Alexsandra who lives in Cincinnati, called the cops on Saturday, and said she was on her way to work when a guy dressed as a clown ran up and attacked her with a KNIFE.

She said he was in full clown regalia, with a red wig, white make-up, and a TEARDROP on his left cheek.  He jumped over a fence, waved a knife in the air, and slashed her thumb.

So cops and paramedics showed up, but apparently the cut wasn't very deep.  Also, Alexsandra was pretty calm about the whole thing, which seemed weird for someone who'd just been slashed by a crazy clown.

The cops pressed for more details and eventually she admitted she made the whole thing up because she was running late for her job at McDonald's, and didn't want to get fired.

There's no word on whether or not she still has a job.  But now she's facing charges for filing a false police report.   Stupid Criminals!!!


Cops Who Are Bored

Who knew that "possession of a dairy crate" is even a thing?

A police officer in Aburndale, Florida stopped two boys riding their bikes late one night. The officer noticed that one of them had a milk crate strapped to his bike that read, Sunshine State Dairy Farms on it. The boy told the officer that he found the crate on the side of the road and put it on his bike.

The officer then arrested and charged him with "possession of a dairy crate," which in essense is possession of stolen property.  Police say the boy might have to pay a fine or even spend a couple of nights in jail.