Man Has To Jump His Car Over An Opening Drawbridge

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August 21, 2017

Man Has To Jump His Car Over An Opening Drawbridge

It sounds like something out of a movie.

A New Jersey driver was forced to jump his Toyota RAV-4 over a drawbridge that began rising as he was crossing it with his family.

Terence Naphys paid the $1.50 toll to cross the Middle Thorofare Bridge in New Jersey with his wife and daughter. But as he was crossing over the steel grate, it started to rise because a ship was trying to cross underneath the bridge.

Once they realized that the bridge was opening, Terence started to panic that they would drop 65-feet into the water, so he punched his accelerator and jumped his SUV over the widening gap of the bridge.

You’re not gonna believe this but, he made it and luckily nobody was injured, but the SUV suffered about $10,000 in damages.  Authorities said the operator of the bridge was to blame for the scare.

Meanwhile, Terence says that he will never cross the bridge again.


A Family Locks Themselves in a Bedroom When They Hear a Burglar

A woman in Walnut, California was home sleeping earlier this month when she heard some noises coming from downstairs in the middle of the night.

She figured it was a robbery, so she woke up her sisters and they all locked themselves in a bedroom and called 911.

The cops rushed to the house, but they couldn't find any sign that someone had broken in.  So they asked the woman to come down and open the door.  Just as they were about to storm the house, they heard the woman screaming, quote, "It's an owl, it's an owl."

It turns out the burglar was actually just a confused owl who'd flown into the house and apparently couldn't get out.  The owl won't be facing any charges.  Click here to see a photo of a sheriff's deputy with the owl.


Robbers Lose Everything They Stole When It Falls Out of Their Getaway Truck

A group of thieves broke into a department store in Laval, Quebec this weekend, and filled up over a dozen suitcases with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of perfume, jewelry, and beauty products. 

Then they threw the suitcases in the back of their truck and took off.  Only, they forgot to secure the back door of the truck, so when they drove away, it flapped open, and ALL of the suitcases fell out into the parking lot.

Apparently they didn't realize it, because they just kept driving, and the cops found the suitcases when they came to investigate.