A Man Refuses To Find Out Who Won The Election -- And Says It's Great!

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November 22, 2016

A Guy Still Doesn't Know Who Won the Election, and Says It's Great

A guy in Brunswick, Georgia named Joe Chandler got invited to an election night party earlier this month. 

But he didn't want to deal with the stress of it, and went to bed early.  So when he woke up the next morning, he still didn't know who won.  And it was such a calm feeling that he decided to KEEP it that way.  So to this day, he STILL doesn't know who won.

He's been avoiding TV and social media.  He wears headphones when he goes out, so he doesn't hear people talking about it.  And he hasn't been stressed out at all for the past two weeks.

He wants to go the full FOUR YEARS without finding out who won, even though he doesn't think that's very realistic. Click here to see a picture of him with a sign that says, “Don’t tell me who won.”


A Guy Stole a Wallet During a Job Interview

A 24-year-old guy in Japan went in for a job interview at an elevator maintenance company earlier this month.

Unfortunately the interview didn't go that well specifically because he stole the guy's WALLET, with about 450 bucks inside.  The president of the company realized it was gone after the interview was over, and called the cops. 

It wasn't hard to track him down though, because they had his resume with his name and contact information.  Stupid Criminals!!! 

It's not clear if he's facing any jail time, but we do know he didn't get the job.


A Power Wheels from Toys "R" Us Caught Fire

Maybe this is just a Christmas tradition now.  At least one popular toy has to start spontaneously COMBUSTING every year . . .

A couple in Bellingham, Washington bought a Power Wheels dump truck at Toys "R" Us last Friday. It's one of those toy cars that are big enough for a kid to drive around.

But on their way home, it caught FIRE in the back of their truck, and they had to pull over to put it out.  The guess here is the battery was defective.  That's what happened with those "hoverboard" scooters last year, and the Galaxy Note 7.

Anyway, they immediately turned around and went back to Toys "R" Us to return the thing.  But it caught fire AGAIN and they COULDN'T put it out.  By the time firefighters got there, the flames were about 10 feet high. 

The store refunded their money, but it's not clear who's paying for the damage to their burned-out truck.  Toys "R" Us says they think it was just an isolated incident.  Click here to see photos of the truck and the fire.