Man Renames Himself “iPhone 7” To Win The Phone

October 31, 2016

Man Renames Himself “iPhone 7” To Win The Phone

A Ukrainian man officially changed his name to “iPhone 7” after an electronics store offered to give the latest Apple phone to the first five people who legally changed their name to “iPhone 7.”

iPhone 7 won his price but said he might change his name back when he has children.  The man's original name was Olexander Turin.


Guard Dogs Fired!

A shop owner in Spain is beefing up security by replacing his guard dogs with something a little more terrifying.

EMILIO CERVERO has been the victim of seven separate burglaries.  So, he's firing his guard dogs and replacing them with live bulls.  And, they're not just any bulls. Cervero purchased a pair of 'toro bravos', the same type of bull used in bullfighting.

The fierce animals now roam the property surrounding his auto parts business. Cervero has also replaced his chain link fence with a concrete wall topped by barbed wire.


A Robber Is Busted After He Runs Into a Tree and Knocks Himself Unconscious

Something tells me we're not dealing with a master criminal right here.

A robber broke into a house in Negaunee Township, Michigan around 1:00 A.M. on Saturday, and in the process, he woke up the guy who lives there.  So the guy chased him out.

The robber rand into the woods as his escape route, but when the police got there, they found he hadn't made it very far.  Apparently he'd run headfirst into a TREE and knocked himself unconscious.

Stupid Criminals!!!

The cops revived him, and then arrested him for home invasion and obstructing police.