Man Rides His Horse INTO A Taco Bell

August 16, 2016

Man Rides His Horse INTO A Taco Bell

Don’t restaurants have drive-thru’s for things like this?

Cowboy Lathan Crump finished a rodeo in Commerce, Texas, and was craving some Taco Bell.  So he rode his horse, Hollywood, into the restaurant’s dining room!!!  People who were inside enjoying their cruncharitos caught videos of it all, and the incident has now gone viral.

Here’s the amazing part:  Crump didn't get in trouble!!!  Police said they can’t take action unless someone files a complaint – and nobody has filed one.

Click here to see the video.


Criminals On the Loose!

He must have REALLY wanted that bike!

Video cam footage caught a man in Japan stealing a bike. The bike was chained to a tree --so instead of cutting the chain or ditching a tire, the man cut the whole tree down!

Impressively, he put the bike on his motorcycle and drove away! No word on whether or not authorities have caught up with him.


Cops Catch a Robber Thanks to His "Angry Birds" Backpack

An 18-year-old guy named Luis Montanez and a 20-year-old named Devyn Rivera went into a convenience store in Deltona, Florida last Tuesday and pulled guns on the clerk. 

They told him they wanted money, cigarettes, and cigars.  Luis was wearing an "Angry Birds" backpack that was shaped like the black exploding bomb bird, and he gave it to the clerk to fill up.  Then they took off.

When the cops got there, the clerk told them about the backpack, and the cops almost IMMEDIATELY spotted Luis wearing it about half a mile away.  He was arrested, and they tracked down Devyn a few hours later and arrested him too.

They're both facing armed robbery charges.  Click here to see their mugshots.