Man Steals Minivan When The Driver Mistakes Him For Valet

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May 9, 2017

Man Steals Minivan When The Driver Mistakes Him For Valet

Assuming can really get you into trouble.

An unnamed man drove to the front of an upscale Atlantic City Hotel called the “Wyndham Skyline Tower”, and mistook 35-year-old Steven Jacobs for a valet.  He voluntarily handed Steven his keys, thinking he worked for the hotel as a valet, and walked away.  So Steven took advantage of the situation and stole the vehicle!

Thanks to security cameras, it didn’t take long for police to track Steven down – and arrested him on charges of “theft of movable property” and a “weapons offense” because they found a gun hidden in the minivan when they arrested him.

 Atlantic City police are warning visitors that like to use valet parking to make sure the person who takes their keys is an employee.


A 10-Year-Old Girl Survived an Alligator Attack by Prying its Jaws Open

A 10-year-old girl was swimming in a lake near Orlando on Saturday when she got attacked by an ALLIGATOR. 

The alligator was about nine feet long, and latched onto her left thigh.  But luckily, she recently went to a wildlife park in Orlando called Gatorland, and learned what to do if you're ever attacked by one.

She punched the gator in the NOSE, which is what you're supposed to do.  That stunned it for a few seconds, then she was able to use her hands to pry its JAWS open and escape.  She ended up with some puncture wounds on her leg, but it looks like she'll be fine. 

Two experts from Gatorland posted a Facebook video on Monday, and said she did exactly what you're supposed to do if you ever get attacked.  Click here to see a photo of her leg bandaged up.



Guy Calls 911 About Illegally Parked Cars, Then Gets Arrested for Drilling Holes in the Tires

36-year-old Yogesh Patel owns a convenience store in Salem, New Hampshire called M&N Borderline Discount.

Last Friday night he called police after 10 non-paying customers left their cars in his parking lot.  But when the cops showed up, they ended up arresting HIM for vandalism.

After the phone call, he and a 43-year-old employee went out to the parking lot and drilled HOLES in more than 20 tires on all 10 cars.  The cops checked the surveillance footage to prove they did it, and also found the drill they used.

Both men are facing charges for falsifying physical evidence and conspiracy to commit criminal mischief.  They're due in court next month.  Stupid Criminals!!!!  Click here to see their mugshots.