A Man Is Suing Waffle House Because Its Grease Is Destroying His House (Freak Files)

March 30, 2017

A Man Is Suing Waffle House Because Its Grease Is Destroying His House

Suing Waffle House for being too greasy is like suing Martha Stewart for being a snob.  It's a feature, not a bug.

But here we are:  A guy named Mack Crook Junior from Anniston, Alabama just filed a lawsuit against Waffle House over their extreme amount of grease.

Mack lives right next door to a Waffle House, and he says their grease has been LEAKING onto his property and it's damaged the foundation of his house. 

He wants a total of $800,000 in damages.  Waffle House says it's investigating Mack's claims. 


A Man Calls for Help When He Runs Out of Gas -- Then Steals a Cop Car and Runs Out of Gas Again

One nice thing about Triple-A is they'll help if you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, but I guess this guy didn’t want to pay the yearly membership fee, and here’s what happened. 

Troy James ran out of gas on a highway near Tulare, South Dakota around 4:00 A.M. Monday morning, and called the police for help.  When a cop showed up, he noticed Troy was acting strange. 

It's not clear if he was drunk or what, but he also had a weapon.  So the cop tried to take him into custody.  That’s when Troy managed to push the cop out of his squad car and STOLE it.

He took off, left the cop on the side of the road, and wouldn't stop when another cop tried to pull him over.  So he ended up in a high-speed chase.

But luckily the whole thing resolved itself . . . because he ran out of gas AGAIN about 140 miles away!! Stupid Criminals!!!  He was arrested. 


Drivers Ed

A town in Japan is offering seniors discount funerals if they promise to stop driving.

The Ichinomiya Police Department has partnered with a local funeral home to give elderly drivers a 15-percent discount if they turn over their driving licenses.

The move comes after new statistics proved drivers over the age of 75 were responsible for 13-percent of the areas fatal traffic accidents last year.