Man Uses His Blockbuster Card To Prove He's Old Enough To Buy Beer

October 13, 2016

Man Uses His Blockbuster Card To Prove He's Old Enough To Buy Beer

Nothing shows your age quite like having a Blockbuster card.

A man on Reddit, who goes by the user name “BoomBoomSaloon” posted an interesting story earlier this week revealing that he was carded at a store when he tried to buy beer, and he didn’t have his ID on him…but he did have his old Blockbuster card.

For those of you too young to remember, back in the day, Blockbuster was a huge store where you could rent VHS tapes and DVDs.

Anyway, he showed the cashier his old Blockbuster card– and it worked!!  The cashier said he let him buy the beer because “if you have a Blockbuster card, you are WAY over 21.”


A Thief Steals a Guy's Broken Stereo and Leaves Cash Behind

Here's a rare case when a robbery turned out to be a lucky break.

A guy named Tom Drury from Perth, Australia found someone had broken into his 1994 Mazda last weekend.  They only took his stereo and apparently the thieves had a crisis of conscience, because they left $17 behind.

Tom was thrilled to get that money, AND to get the stereo removed.  Quote, "It was broken.  It didn't pick up any radio stations.  [But] to get it out, I needed a special tool I didn't have."

So the thief saved him a trip to the repair shop to get rid of the stereo, AND paid him for a stereo that was broken and worthless!    

Quote, "If I could say one thing to the thief, it would be, 'Thank you.'" 


A Guy Wearing a Trump Mask Gets Punched in the Face

People in this country are REALLY worked into a frenzy over the election, so we can probably expect more of THIS until Halloween . . .

A 23-year-old guy was walking down the street in Rochester, Minnesota yesterday, wearing a DONALD TRUMP mask.

And when a 35-year-old guy named Gabriel Majak saw it, apparently it made him so mad he punched the guy in the FACE.  The guy wearing the mask wasn't hurt, but Gabriel was arrested for assault.  Click here to see his mugshot.