Man Wakes Up In Morgue After Drinking Too Much Vodka

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December 2, 2016

Polish Man Wakes Up In Morgue After Drinking Too Much Vodka

This should make you think twice before binge-drinking.

A 25-year-old Polish man named Kamil was drinking vodka when he passed out.  When medics arrived on the scene, he was declared dead – do to a heart attack brought on from drinking too much Vodka.

They took him to the morgue, but Kamil wasn’t dead.  He woke up in a morgue refrigerator and freaked out: banging on the walls and screaming.

A guard heard him and opened the refrigerator door to find Kamil, naked and asking for a blanket.  After a medical examination, Kamil was free to leave. 

Any guesses on where Kamil went?  He headed straight back to the pub to meet his friends.


A Drug Dealer Is Busted in a T-Shirt That Says "Who Needs Drugs?"

You know how they say "dress for the job you want, not the job you have?" 

Yeah, well, this Stupid Criminal dressed for the job he has.

31-year-old Timothy Williams from El Dorado, Arkansas was busted for dealing meth.  When the cops arrested him, he was wearing a shirt that says, quote, "Who needs drugs?  No seriously, I have drugs." 

The shirt is designed to be a parody of the old D.A.R.E. logo, which was the big anti-drug campaign from the '80s and '90s. Timothy is facing several felony drug charges.  Stupid Criminals!!!!

Click here to see his mugshot.


5-Year Old Suspended Because She Couldn’t Stop Laughing At Teacher Named Miss Butt

We're all a little immature sometimes, right?

A 5-year-old girl named Annalise Teru from East London apparently cracks up every time her teacher's name is said.  Her teacher’s name is -- Miss Butt.

Earlier this week, a student raised their hand and said, “Miss Butt, I have a question.”  Well Annalise just couldn’t contain herself and was laughing uncontrollably.

Miss Butt sent her to the principal’s office and he suspended the little 5-year-old!  Her mother thinks the school overreacted, and wants her daughter moved out of Miss Butt's class.

She’s still fighting with the school board.