Mariah Carey is Being Sued by a Christmas Choir!

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September 22, 2017

Mariah Carey Sued By Choir She Cut From Christmas Concert

A Christmas Choir is suing Mariah Carey!  Mariah signed a contract with the choir, called “Broadway Inspirational Voices,” stating that she would pay the group nearly $70,000 to perform at her 2016 holiday concert.  After weeks of rehearsals, Mariah changed her mind about the choir at the last minute and fired them – she also refused to pay them.

“Broadway Inspirational Voices” is actually a nonprofit group, that gives all of their earnings to charities dealing with underprivileged children. In their lawsuit they are asking to be paid the $70,000 they worked weeks to earn.


Is Tiger Woods Too Cheap to Pick Up the Check? 

TIGER WOODS is worth an estimated $740 MILLION, so at that point, you'd think that you're not clipping coupons, or shopping off the clearance racks.

But Irish golfer DARREN CLARKE told "Golf Digest" that while Tiger is the greatest golfer of all time, he's also a CHEAPSKATE.  Apparently, it's almost impossible to get him to pick up the tab when they're all out.

Darren said, quote, "He didn't quite pay for too many dinners whenever we were out, I have to say, he couldn't even be COERCED into paying for dinners."


Gisele Bundchen’s Jealousy and Suspicion!!!

Is GISELE BUNDCHEN hiding an ugly little jealous streak beneath her size-zero body?

Reports from "TMZ Live" tells us that Gisele is very "possessive" of husband TOM BRADY, and the speculation is that That Tom may have had a dalliance an affair or at least some flirtatious moments with First Daughter IVANKA TRUMP and that's why the Patriots' star didn't attend the White House visit with his teammates.