Meet the Russian Model With the World's Longest Legs

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September 13, 2017

Meet the Russian Model With the World's Longest Legs

Guinness just posted a new video about a 29-year-old Russian woman named Ekaterina Lisina who's about 6-foot-9, and holds the world record for LONGEST LEGS on a woman.

Like most of us, her legs aren’t exactly the same length.  Her left leg is 52.2 inches, and her right leg is slightly shorter, at an even 52 inches.  The measurements are taken from your heel to the top of your hip.

She's also an Olympic athlete.  She won a bronze in 2008 as part of the Russian women's basketball team.  And she's done some modeling.  So she also holds the record for tallest female model. 



What Happens When You Put Georgia Football Fans On An Overbooked Flight

At least one airline has figured out how to get a passenger to give up a seat on an overbooked flight without facing the wrath of customers and a storm of bad publicity.

There was a Delta airlines fight going from Atlanta to South Bend, Indiana and it was PACKED with University of Georgia football fans heading for to a game against Notre Dame last weekend.

Well, when the flight attendants announced they were over-booked and started offering money for someone to give up their seat, the Georgia fans didn’t budge. Delta started by offering $2,200 to people willing to give up their seats, and when nobody grabbed it, they increased the price.  It seemed NO amount of money could make the fans give up their seats.

Passenger Tracy Jarvis Smith waited patiently while the payoff climbed, and grabbed it when it got to her magic number, $4,000.  She says it’s the easiest money she has ever made and thanked Delta for the windfall.


Man Drops Engagement Ring From Bridge During Proposal

A marriage proposal in a Missouri park took a wrong turn when the man got down on one knee and on a bridge!

Seth Dixon had planned a romantic proposal to his girlfriend Ruth Salas on a wooden bridge at Loose Park in Kansas City. But when Seth got down on one knee, he lost his grip of the $4,000 engagement, and dropped it.  The ring clanged to the ground and slipped through the wooden boards of the bridge, plopping into the water below.

Friends of the couple went to the bridge and plunged in the water to search for the ring, but after a long, hard search all the divers came up empty handed.  Even without the ring, Ruth said yes, and the couple left the bridge with a great story to tell about how they got engaged.