Memphis Funeral Home Offers Drive-Through Viewings

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February 15, 2017

Memphis Funeral Home Offers Drive-Through Viewings

People usually associate drive-thru windows with fast food, but now a funeral home right here in Memphis is offering drive-through viewings.

Ryan Bernard, opened the R. Bernard Funeral Home last month on Lamar Avenue near Kimball.  He said the service is designed to be more convenient for families who are already facing the burden of losing a loved one.

If you think this is a bit far-fetched, he says that four families have already used the drive-through option.

Guests access the viewing-service by pulling up to a window, signing-in on an iPad, and then they get 3-minutes of viewing time.


Suspect Returns Stolen Mortuary Van After Finding Body

Sometimes if you steal something you get more than you planned on.

A man in Riverside, California stole a van from a mortuary, but he was only a few miles away when he realized there was a dead body in the back!

So, he immediately returned the van to the mortuary -- and then stole a different van after making sure it was body-free.

Police used surveillance footage to catch the guy.  He has been arrested and could face charges including vehicle theft.  

(--Can you charge someone for “Dead Body Theft”?) 

Anyway, he gets the Stupid Criminals!!!


There's a New Contest Where You Can Win a Wedding . . . at Taco Bell

When you were a little girl, lying in bed, dreaming of your wedding one day, did you picture yourself surrounded by gordita supremes, cinnamon twists, and giant cups of Mountain Dew? 

If so, your fairytale could come true.

TACO BELL is running a new contest where you can get married . . . at Taco Bell.  Now, it's not just any Taco Bell.  It's a "fancier" one in Las Vegas, and it's actually got a classic Vegas wedding chapel inside.

To enter the contest, just post a photo or video on Twitter or Instagram about, quote, "Taco Bell's role in your love story" and use the hashtag #LoveAndTacosContest. 

You'll win a trip for six to Vegas, catered dinner at Taco Bell, and more.