Mom Spends $25,000 For Her Son’s Prom

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June 6, 2017

Mom Spends $25,000 For Her Son’s Prom

We all know that sending your kid to Prom is expensive, but one Philadelphia mother took that to the extreme.

Saudia Shuler spent over $25,000 on her son, Johnny’s prom including a camel, three tons of sand, and exotic cars.  The sand and camel were brought to their home for pre-prom photos.

Johnny brought 3 dates to the dance, and paid for custom-made gowns for all of them to wear.  Johnny even wore three different outfits himself.  The luxury cars, including a Rolls Royce and a Lamborghini, were rented for the night.

Johnny’s mom says it was all worth it.


Two Women Have a Road Rage Brawl in the Street -- and a Guy Steals One of Their Cars

Now THIS is a crazy crime domino effect right here.

A woman in Houston was driving in her Audi near a freeway on Saturday when she rear-ended another woman in an SUV.  Clearly the woman in the Audi thought it was the other woman's fault, because she went into full-on ROAD RAGE mode.

She got out of her car, ran up to the SUV, the other woman got out, and they started BRAWLING in the street.  Here’s where life plays it’s FREAKY tricks because while they were fighting, a random dude ran up to the Audi . . . and stole it.

Another guy on the street was filming, and he got the brawl AND the theft on camera.  The cops are investigating all of the various crimes but there's no word on whether anyone's been arrested. 

The video is below.



A Kid Hits His Principal with a Pie at Graduation, and Gets Arrested for Assault

We feel kinda bad for this kid, because this WASN'T really a big deal. 

18-year-old Zavier Valencia graduated from high school in Palatka, Florida last month.  After everyone got their diplomas, he decided to pull a prank by going back on stage, and hitting his principal in the face with a coconut cream PIE.

His principal got his arms up in time, so it didn't actually hit him in the face.  He just got some whipped cream on his arms and chest.  But Zavier ended up being ARRESTED, and he's facing a third-degree FELONY charge for battery on an education employee.

He spent the night in jail and got released the next day on $4,000 bond.  It's not clear if he'll face any jail time but if should serve as a reminder for all you graduating seniors that REAL LIFE starts right after graduation.  Click here to see his mugshot.