Must Watch Video: Plinko Winner Goes Ballistic

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May 26, 2017

"Price Is Right" Contestant Wins And Goes Ballistic

On "The Price Is Right" yesterday, a contestant named Ryan broke the show's all-time Plinko record, but it was how he celebrated that sets him apart from any other “Price Is Right" contestant ever!!!

Plinko is the one where contestants drop those puck-like chips down a gigantic pinball-style board, and the chips end up in grooves at the bottom that are worth anywhere from $0 to $10,000.

Ryan hit the max, $10,000, with his first chip.  On his next try, he got $1,000, and then Chip #3 hit the jackpot again.  His fourth try "only" won him $500, but then he hit the $10,000 AGAIN with his fifth and final chip.  That's a total of $31,500.

The previous record was $30,500.  This whole thing is about 99.9% luck, but Ryan didn't care, he was absolutely LOSING HIS MIND.


The Guy Who Sang "Somebody's Watching Me" Was Arrested After a Fight Over a Sandwich  

Remember ROCKWELL?  He's the one-hit wonder behind 1984's "Somebody's Watching Me"

Well, he was arrested yesterday after a fight over a SANDWICH.  TMZ claims Rockwell's housekeeper was making him lunch, but she wasn't fast enough, so he STRUCK her.  She called the cops, and they cuffed him and took him to the station.  Last we heard, he was still in custody.

Some sandwiches do take quite a while, but since we don’t know what kind of sandwich she was making it’s hard to determine if she was taking too long or not. 

If you’re wondering how Rockwell, a one hit wonder can afford a house keeper?  His dad is Berry Gordy, the guy who founded Motown.


Chris Cornell Had Fresh Track Marks On Arm When He Died

Chris Cornell reportedly had fresh track marks visible on his arm when his body was found – at least according to TMZ.

Cornell's family has denied that he "intentionally and knowingly" committed suicide, stating that he had taken more than his recommended dose of an anxiety medication, Ativan. But a source close to the family told TMZ that the track marks were "obvious" on Cornell's arm, but the family doesn’t want anyone to know.

Chris suffered from substance abuse problems early in his career and checked into rehab in 2002.  He eventually sobered up by 2006.