NASA Is Hiring Someone To Protect Earth From Alien Life

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August 3, 2017

NASA Is Hiring Someone To Protect Earth From Alien Life

How’s this for a freaky job? 

NASA wants to hire someone to protect the Earth from alien life!  NASA is looking for a Planetary Protection Officer to protect Earth from potential alien contamination.

NASA posted the job opening on the U.S. government’s official employment site and specifically noted that the Planetary Protection Officer will be tasked with stopping astronauts and robots from getting contaminated with any organic or biological alien material during space travel.

The job is a 3-year contract, which may be extended another 2 years if you do a good job.  Oh, and it comes with a full benefits package and a six figure salary up to $187,000 per year.  You have until August 14th to apply online at


When Duty Calls!

What's worse than being called into work on your day off?  Toeing the company line while giving birth!

Us Weekly reports Dr. AMANDA HESS was being induced at a Kentucky hospital but couldn't ignore a poor girl that was screaming bloody murder down the hall. Turns out LEAH JOHNSON was waiting for a doctor to return from break so she could pop out her little one too! 

It turns out that Leah was actually one Dr. Hess' patients.  The physician threw on a gown and boots, told Ms. Johnson to push and out popped a baby girl.

Then, Dr. Hess welcomed little ELLEN JOYCE HESS a few hours later, and all the ladies are doing well.


A Fight Breaks Out at a Macy's Makeup Counter Over Free Lipstick

Can't we make it through ONE National Lipstick Day without carnage and chaos?

Yeah, it turns out Saturday was National Lipstick Day . . . and if you didn't celebrate it this year, I'm not sure you'll ever have a chance again because of THIS.

MAC Cosmetics had a promotion for the day where people could get one free lipstick, which costs around $18.  And at a Macy's in Orlando, Florida, women were lining up all day to get it.

But things got nasty around 12:30 P.M. when some women cut in line and a BRAWL broke out.  The cops had to come break it up, but none of the women decided to press charges.

We're not sure if they wound up getting their free lipstick, or if they wound up actually BUYING makeup to cover up the scratches and bruises they got in the fight.