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Is NBC Trimming the "Today" Show for Megyn Kelly? (Dirt Alert)

January 30, 2017

Is NBC Trimming the "Today" Show for Megyn Kelly? 

When MEGYN KELLY left Fox News for NBC, we heard she'd be hosting some kind of daytime show, and now there's talk she's stealing an hour away from the "Today" show.

NBC is reportedly cutting the "Today" show back an hour to accommodate a new show hosted by MEGYN KELLY

Nothing is official yet, but supposedly her show will replace the hour that Al Roker and Tamron Hall host.  Al and Tamron wouldn't lose their jobs. they'd just be moved to other parts of the show.

Megyn will also contribute to NBC's political coverage. 


A Miss Universe Update. . . . . .

STEVE HARVEY crowned the CORRECT winner at the Miss Universe pageant last night.  It was Miss France. 


One Of Kim Kardashian’s Alleged Robbers Reveals What Happened To Her Jewelry

The jewelry that was stolen from Kim Kardashian’s in an armed robbery in Paris may be gone forever.

The alleged ‘mastermind’ of the robbery told Paris police that all of Kim’s jewelry (except her engagement ring) was broken down and melted before being sold-off.

The robber says that they all agreed to melt the jewelry down because it would be too hard to sell otherwise.

So what about the $4 million engagement ring? The robber told police that they were too scared to sell the recognizable diamond, so one unidentified criminal still has it in his or her possession.


Showbiz Photo of the Day:  Justin Bieber Gets Checked into the Boards in a Hockey Game 

JUSTIN BIEBER skated in this year's NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout Saturday night. 

It's a charity game that takes place the night before the NHL All-Star Game.  The highlight of the night had to be Justin getting FLATTENED against the boards by NHL veteran CHRIS PRONGER.

There’s a close-up photo of their faces, where Pronger is smiling, and Justin appears to be in the throes of agony.  The Bieb was a good sport, though.  He even went on to score a goal, and he later called it one of the highlights of his life.

(You can see video by clicking here.)