Need Homework Help?  Call the Cops!

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February 24, 2017

Need Homework Help?  Call the Cops!

Children are usually told that if they ever need help they should call police, but does that includes asking for help with homework?

A 10-year-old Ohio girl sent a Facebook message to police when she couldn't figure out her math problems.  Lieutenant GRUBER with the Marion Police Department was on the receiving end of LENA DRAPER's message.

He reportedly walked the girl through all the steps to solve two equations.  Draper's mother shared the exchange on Facebook, praising the officer for "good community relationship-building."

As a side note, Gruber says he got the first math problem right, but the second answer turned out to be incorrect.


A Venezuelan Skier Never Got to Practice on Snow

A skier from Venezuela got to compete on snow for the first time the other day at the Nordic World Ski Championships in Norway. 

Adrian Solano wanted to be a cross-country skier, but there's no snow in Venezuela.  So he used wheels to practice, and didn't try it on snow until he got to Norway.  He was in two events, but only finished one of them . . . and he came in dead last.

In the video, he almost falls right out of the gate . . . then falls multiple times on the course, and breaks one of his poles.  He says he's still hoping to make the Olympics though.  


Scottish Neighborhood Uses Hairdryer To Deter Speeding Drivers

Some people are more easily tricked than others.

Residents of the village Hopeman in Scotland have armed themselves with hairdryers and reflective vests to fight speeding drivers.  Hopeman residents pretended to be police officers and use the hairdryers as fake radar guns, causing people to slow down.

They say their efforts are actually making the area much safer for their children. 

Now, the actual police know exactly what’s going on – but instead of arresting the residents for impersonating a police officer, they are working on a solution to fix the problem for good.