Now People Are Crashing Funerals

Plus more with our Freak Files!

September 20, 2017

Funeral Crashers!

We’ve heard of wedding crashers, how about funeral crashers?

A woman in England at the Holy Redeemer Church in Berkshire has been attending every funeral/wake that she could for the past 14 years.  Father NOAH CONNOLLY has said that he's talked to the devoutly Catholic woman and she feels that it's her duty to honor the dead and go to every funeral.

Where it gets out of line is, she's helping herself to the buffet afterwards, too!  One woman, whose daughter died, talked to the woman and was told she worked with her daughter as a waitress.  

Problem was, the young woman who passed was never a waitress! The mystery mourner then helped herself to the buffet and even boxed some up to go!


Police Catch a Thief at the State Fair Because He's Holding a Large Stuffed Unicorn

The cops got a call from the Oklahoma State Fair in Oklahoma City over the weekend about a robbery at one of the stands.

The victim told the cops the robber had a beard, he was wearing a white t-shirt, and, oh yeah, he was carrying a big stuffed pink-and-white UNICORN.

The cops went hunting for the man with the unicorn, and he wasn't too hard to find, because he was carrying a big pink-and-white UNICORN!  The crook is 20-year-old Godfrey Washington and he was arrested.

By the way, he stole money from the stand, not the unicorn.  No, he EARNED that, probably by knocking down milk bottles or shooting water into a clown's mouth or something.  Stupid Criminals!!!!  Click here to see his mugshot. Sadly we don't have a picture of the unicorn.


Six Wedding Guests Showed Up in the Exact Same Dress

Hey, here's something worse than showing up to a party and seeing someone else wearing your outfit. 

Showing up and seeing FIVE other people wearing it.  A woman named Debbie Speranza from Sydney, Australia went to a wedding last weekend and found FIVE other women wearing the EXACT same dress she was wearing. 

The FREAKY part is, they weren't bridesmaids, they all just shopped at the same store called Forever New. 

The six of them took a photo with the bride, and Debbie posted the photo on Forever New's Facebook page the next day, where it's going viral.  Click here to see the picture.