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An Obsessed Fan Showed Up At Taylor Swift's House To Marry Her!

Plus, Snoop Dogg's awesome gift to Kobe

July 8, 2016

Obsessed Fan Showed Up At Taylor Swift's House To Marry Her

An obsessed fan showed up to Taylor Swift's home in Rhode Island with intentions of marrying her.

The unnamed man drove to Taylor’s mansion on Wednesday, claiming that he had an appointment to see her.

After Taylor’s guards called the police, the man began crying and told officers that Taylor was his soul mate and that she told him to come to her house so they could get married.

Obviously, Taylor didn’t ask him to come over.  She didn’t even know who he was. Besides, she’s dating Tom Hiddleston at the moment.

Police took the man to the hospital for a mental evaluation.


Snoop Dogg Gives Kobe Bryant Lakers-Themed Convertible As A Retirement Gift

Kobe Bryant has been getting a lot of retirement gifts since he played his last game…but, Snoop Dogg’s gift is probably better than all the rest.

Earlier this week, Snoop Dog gave Kobe a custom Lakers-themed convertible! 

The car is custom-painted a bright yellow, and when the roof is up, it’s purple. The word “Showtime,” is painted on the hood (as an homage to the Lakers teams of the 1980s). 

Below it are drawings of Lakers legends…along with Snoop Dogg himself, holding the NBA trophy.

Click here to see pictures.


This Will Make You Feel Old:  "MMMBop" Is 20 Years Old 

For better or worse, EVERYONE can remember when HANSON came out of nowhere and "MMMBop" quickly became inescapable, for what seemed like a REALLY long time.

Well, believe it or not, that was almost 20 years ago.  It came out on April 15th of 1997.  Now, all three boys are in their 30s, they're all married, they have 11 kids between them, and they're still performing together.

They played the song on ABC's "Greatest Hits" last night and Zac Hanson says, quote, "We have never run from our past.  We definitely still sing 'MMMBop'.  When we do concerts, we still play old songs."