Orlando Bloom Caught In An Uncomfortable Situation

August 4, 2016

Orlando Bloom Photographed Nude On A Beach With Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom stripped down to his birthday suit while enjoying some beach time with his girlfriend, Katy Perry, yesterday!

The couple was on vacation in Sardinia, Italy and apparently Orlando was so relaxed that he decided to take it all off – running around the beach completely naked.  But, this is the world of celebrities, and nothing is ever truly private. 

Paparazzi cameras caught his shenanigans and sold the pictures to the New York Daily News.

For the record, Katy stayed in her bathing suit.

Orlando has not addressed the situation.  Click here to see the (censored) pics.


Antonio Sabato Jr. Says No One Is Offering Him Roles Now, Because He Supports Trump 

ANTONIO SABATO JR. was one of the biggest superstars to represent for DONALD TRUMP at this year's Republican National Convention. 

But sadly, his career is on the downturn, as of two weeks ago.  Antonio says no one is offering him gigs now, and apparently that's actually something new for him.

He says, quote, "I've had fantastic directors who have said officially to my agents and managers they will never hire me again.  That's unfair.  It's just like Communism.  The reality is if you're associated with the Republican Party, [they] blacklist you based on that."


Funny or Offensive?  Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner Bathrooms 

The Nickel Bar in West Los Angeles came up with a unique way to label its restrooms:  The women's room door has a full-length picture of CAITLYN JENNER on it.  

While the men's room door has BRUCE JENNER on it, in all his Olympic glory.  The picture is actually from his old Wheaties box. 

Whether you find it funny or offensive, (Check 'em out here.)