Over A Dozen Snakes Found In A Texas Toilet!

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February 3, 2017

Over A Dozen Snakes Found In A Texas Toilet!

This might make you a little weary of Texas.

On Tuesday, a young boy discovered a rattlesnake in his family’s toilet at their house in Abeline, Texas.  So, his parents called “Big Country Snake Removal Service” to take care of it. 

And that’s when they discovered the true horror:  There wasn’t just ONE rattlesnake.  There were 2-DOZEN of the suckers!

Big Country Snake Removal said the snakes were able to live in the home unnoticed for so long due to their secretive nature and reliance on camouflage.

The family says they are now scared to use their toilets. 


A Guy Crashes Into His Old Work Building, Beats Up His Boss . . . Then Dies

This is a CRAZY sequence of events right here.

51-year-old Kenneth Morgan from Upland, California used to work at a company called Walton Electric, and clearly, he wasn't happy with being fired.

So on Tuesday night, he drove there, and crashed his pickup truck into the building.  Then he went inside and BEAT UP his old boss.

And for his grand finale, he walked back outside . . . and DIED.  That's right.  He dropped dead in the parking lot.

The cops say they have no idea what caused his death and they're investigating. 


Couple Fined For Maliciously Ordering Takeout For Neighbor

An old-school prank has one couple from the U.K. in big trouble.

Authorities in Fenham, Newcastle say 23-year-old Alan Ward and 19-year-old Kristy Ogle ordered takeout 13 times and had it delivered to their neighbor’s house.

It’s the classic scenario:  The food would arrive at the victim’s door, and he would have to pay for it, even though he didn’t order it.

Well, after 10 days of unwanted food deliveries, the victim had had enough.  He called the cops and they were able to track-down Alan and Kristy by using the cell-phone number that would show up on caller I.D. when they placed the “prank” food orders.

They were arrested and fined $187.92 each for harassment (totaling $1,879.)