Packages Of Pork Fell From The Sky Over The Weekend

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July 24, 2017

Flying Meat!

Last Saturday at four in-the-morning, Deerfield Beach homeowner TRAVIS ADAIR woke up to a loud crashing sound that he thought was thunder. 

That's when he found three large packages of frozen pork on the roof and two more on the ground.   Adair says, "It had to fall from the sky ...It was too heavy to throw on the roof."

There are several airports nearby.  The Federal Aviation Administration has not commented on the possibility of the meat falling from a plane.

The meat's labeling indicates it belonged to JIM WILLIAMS, who lives 170-miles away.  Williams admits he recently gave some meat away. But, he says he's not a pilot, doesn't own a plane, and has no idea how the meat ended up on Adair's roof.


Dumpster Diving

A guy looking for his lost cell phone ended up covered in garbage.

Rescuers in Washington, D.C. say the unidentified man thought he'd dropped his phone while emptying the trash.  But, when he leaned over his apartment building's garbage chute to check --he fell in.

He must have found the phone inside the garbage because somehow he dialed 9-1-1. When Firefighters arrived, they had to pump fresh air down the chute with a hose.

They eventually pulled the guy to safety with a harness. He wasn't injured --but he smelled really bad.


British Officials Fined 5-Year-Old Girl $195 Over Lemonade Stand

A British man named Andre Spicer says his 5-year-old daughter was left in tears after she was fined $195 for opening a lemonade stand on her front yard without a license near their home in London.

The girl had been selling home-made lemonade to fans attending the Lovebox festival for just 30 minutes when four local council enforcement officers showed up, turned on a camera, and read Andre and his daughter a legal statement that told them they were being fined over their lack of a trading permit.

Andre was so upset, he took the news to the press, who wrote about it in several newspapers.  Now, the council enforcement officers are saying that they will cancel the fine immediately.

They released a statement saying, "We are very sorry that this has happened. We expect our enforcement officers to show common sense, and to use their powers sensibly. This clearly did not happen."