Parents Are Out Of Control At Easter Egg Hunts (Freak Files)

April 12, 2017

Who’s Babysitting The Parents???

A Pennsylvania volunteer fire company canceled their annual Easter egg hunt thanks to out-of-control parents.

The Norco Fire Company in North Coventry Township, Pennsylvania, says they've had a recurring problem with parents being unruly during the event. That includes several parents reportedly storming the field last year, gathering up all the eggs and treats that are there for the kids! 

The fire company says it creates a dangerous environment for the kids.  Deputy Chief CHUCK HIPPLE says some parents "just can't seem to let the kids have fun."


It’s The Thought That Counts

We have an animal story for you: Three doves were released at a funeral near a highway.  A man is talking about the significance of the three doves representing the Holy Trinity.

His female assistant releases one of the doves that soars straight up. The man releases the other two that promptly fly into the path of a large truck. On lookers could only gasp at the sight of it all.   Click here to see the video.


A Guy Goes on a First Date With a Woman From Tinder . . . and Steals Her Purse

Pretty much all of the stigma around online dating is gone now, but just remember, there are a lot of bad people out there. 

38-year-old David Harlow from Phoenix met a woman through Tinder.  They talked for a few weeks, and decided to meet up.  Then during the date, the woman got up to use the bathroom.  And when she got back, David and her PURSE were GONE.

Where did he go?  STRAIGHT to a casino, where he used her cards to withdraw $800.  The cops were finally able to track him down this week, and he was arrested for felony theft, theft of a credit card, and identity theft.  (Click here to see his picture.)