Peacock Destroys $500 In Wine At A Liquor Store

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June 7, 2017

Peacock Destroys $500 In Wine At A Liquor Store

A peacock wreaked havoc on a Southern California liquor store by destroying hundreds of dollars’ worth of booze. 

Rani Ghanem is the manager of Royal Oaks Liquors in Arcadia, California.  He says the he doesn’t know how the peacock got into the store, but he discovered it perched on a shelf under a neon Pabst Blue Ribbon beer sign.

Rani says he was overwhelmed as the peacock flapped its wings while charging around the store and even flew toward him. He called animal control, which quickly arrived to capture the large bird, but not before the peacock sent liquor bottles crashing to the floor, destroying $500 worth of wine and champagne.

The bird was released at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden.


Gangsters & Pranksters!

Bad news for residents of Las Cruces, New Mexico: you're not getting a Cheesecake Factory after all.

A sign posted at a construction site in the small town turned out to be a hoax. The billboard misled locals with a message saying it was the future home of a Cheesecake Factory restaurant.  City officials say the site is actually slated to be an emergency medical center.

Pranksters pulled a similar stunt in April with a sign claiming the same site was the future home of a Dave & Busters.


A Drunk Driver Gets Busted Twice in Three Hours After Driving Back to Yell at the People Who Called the Cops on Him

A 30-year-old guy in West Milford, New Jersey was yelling at people outside an apartment building around 1:45 in the morning last month.  So someone called the cops on him. 

It turned out he was drunk, and he drove there.  So the cops arrested him for driving while intoxicated.  Then a few hours later, he borrowed a family member's car and drove back to the same apartment building to yell at the people who called the cops on him.

Apparently those same people called the cops again, and he was still drunk when they showed up, so he got busted for drunk driving a SECOND time in less than three hours.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He's also facing charges for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.