Pizza Hut Employees Get In A Fight Over Toppings

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May 19, 2017

A Pizza Hut Employee Pepper Sprays a Coworker During a Fight Over Toppings

It's nice to think that there are fast food workers out there that really care about the quality of their work and take their jobs SERIOUSLY.  But this officially qualifies as TOO serious.

A guy named Anderson Lewis works at a Pizza Hut in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

And on Tuesday night, he got into an argument with one of his coworkers about the sloppy way she was putting the cheese and pepperoni onto pizzas. 

She argued back, and eventually, it escalated to the point where he PEPPER SPRAYED her.  Then he wrote his address on a napkin, told her to head there if she wanted to fight some more, and stormed out.

The cops have put out a warrant for his arrest for disorderly conduct. 


Kissing a Rattlesnake Is Not A Good Idea

If I had to pinpoint where this guy's day went wrong, I'd have to say it would be the moment he decided to make out with a venomous snake.

A guy named Ron Reinold in Bostwick, Florida was airlifted to the hospital on Tuesday after he tried to KISS a rattlesnake and it bit him on the tongue.

Gee, I wonder if alcohol was involved.  His friends say he'd been drinking and the snake seemed calm, so he made his move . . . and it snapped. 

He's currently in critical condition but his family says it looks like he's going to survive. 


Stupid Criminal Impersonates A Home Depot Employee!!!!

You have criminals who impersonate police officers or doctors, but impersonating a Home Depot employee?

BERNARDO CALANA, who's 53, of Haverhill, Massachusetts, needed an air conditioner pretty bad. He walked into Home Depot and found an employee apron with the name tag "Shannon" on it.

No one in the store questioned him as he took two air conditioners out to his truck.  After all, he blended right in, right?  Well, Bernardo should have been happy with the two air conditioners he swiped, but he went back into the store and a manager saw the name tag and called police.

Bernardo denied knowing anything about the AC units in his truck, until police found the apron in his pocket. Stupid Criminals!!!!

He was arrested.