"Pokemon Go" Saved a Struggling Ice Cream Shop

August 12, 2016

"Pokemon Go" Saved a Struggling Ice Cream Shop

61-year-old Gary Dear opened a shop called Mad Hatter's Ice Cream about five years ago, in Washington, and he's always struggled to stay open.

Recently, he announced he was shutting down for GOOD, mainly because he didn't have enough customers.

So it looked like that was it.  But then less than two weeks later, business suddenly started BOOMING, all because of "Pokemon Go".  It turned out a PokeStop had popped up across the street.  And all the people who were flocking there were also walking over to get ice cream.

He says sales have doubled and even TRIPLED on certain days.  So for the last month he's been staying open later, and even had to hire a few more employees.

One woman explained that if you take your kids to a PokeStop across from an ice cream stand, it's impossible to not get ice cream. 

Click here to see a photo of Gary and the store.


Skateboarding Dare Devil

A video making the rounds shows a skateboarder taking his sport to brave new heights.

The clip features skateboarding daredevil CHEUNG JAI balancing on the edge of a skyscraper high above Hong Kong.  He’s not just balancing, he has his entire skateboard hanging over the edge of the building (he’s at least 80 stories high) with just the 3 to 4 inches of the rear-part of the skateboard keeping him from falling over the edge. 

Jai shot the video himself and posted it to YouTube, where it has tens-of-thousands of views. Jai says his trick is called "rooftopping."


A Cat With Four Ears!!!

A four-eared cat is up for adoption in Pennsylvania.

Veterinarian Dr. TODD BLAUVELT says "He's really nice, and really affectionate.  He's a really cool cat."  It’s just that it has four ears!!!

The three-year-old kitty named BATMAN has an extremely rare congenital defect, but can hear just fine.  Batman was brought to the Pittsburgh Humane Society after his owner could no longer care for him.