A Police Dog Is Fired Because He Likes Belly Rubs Too Much

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June 9, 2017

A Police Dog Is Fired Because He Likes Belly Rubs Too Much

This dog is all of us.

There's a one-year-old German shepherd named Gavel in Queensland, Australia and he's been in training to become a police dog.  But he just got fired . . . because he likes belly rubs too much.

The police found that when they tried to have him look menacing or attack, he'd just roll onto his back looking for some lovin'.  So they sent him to the state government . . . where he's going to work as a greeting dog. 

(Here's his photo.)


A Guy Calls 911 and Claims His Grandmother's Dying, But He Really Just Wants a Ride to Hooters

28-year-old Jonathan Hinkle of Cocoa Beach, Florida called 911 the other day and said his grandmother was in trouble.

He said she called him for help after she had a STROKE in a Hooters parking lot.  So he was running there as fast as he could, but wanted a cop to pick him up.

If you're wondering why his grandmother was at HOOTERS, hold that thought.  Because police DID give him a lift, but couldn't find the grandmother.

They finally tracked her down about three hours later, and she was fine.  She hadn't had a stroke, said she never called Jonathan for help, and apparently she HADN'T been at Hooters that day.

It turned out Jonathan called 911 just to get a ride so HE could go to Hooters.  Police arrested him shortly after that for misusing 911.  Stupid Criminals!!!

They're also making him pay $222 for the wasted manpower.  Click here to see his mugshot.


There's a Vending Machine in Russia Where You Can Buy Fake Instagram Likes

If this doesn't sum up Russia's credibility on the Internet, nothing does.

Vending machines just started popping up in malls around Russia and they sell INSTAGRAM LIKES.  You put in 50 Rubles, which is about 88 cents, and your picture will get 100 fake likes.  And for 100 Rubles, you can get 100 fake followers.

And just to add to the overall Russianness of it all, when you use the machine, the company who makes them hijacks your account without permission to spam all of your friends.  Click here to see a picture of the machine.